Music is an expression of my life force, it’s a place where my essence, my fire, my passion is expressed

and enjoyed to its highest potential. Thanks to being cultured by my father from the age I could practically walk. He taught me the meaning of good sound, having handed me a pair of Bose headphones which were connected to his record player and told me to find the meaning of what real music is. I grew up listening to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, Santana, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Lenny Kraviz, Sade, P.M Dawn, Prince, Boy George, Nine Inch Nails just to name a few. 

 The love I had (and still have) drove me to start working in the industry as a side hustle whilst I was working in media, as soon as I turned 17 (yes I was under legal age ssshhh!) an. . . Show More